Top Of The Morning

Aww, bless. Patrick Wolf has fallen in love. The previous poster  kid of indie despair has done a complete 180 and written one of the most romantic songs of the year. I love the way he wears his heart on his sleeve.  The once almost tragic  angel of melancholia has been completely replaced by a fearless optimist who has the kind of starry-eyed belief in the future only the young in love have, but none of us should ever lose. He has even named his new album after Lupercalia for God’s sakes, the ancient roman festival of health and fertility which is a predecessor to our Valentine’s Day. The City is a love song so shameless and so full of sunshine with its finger clicks and piano licks, you should have your SPF 15 handy before diving in to its pledges of eternal adulation. And if that does not leave you giddy with glee, try the re-mix. Euphoric and a fitting reminder to us all that love truly is a many splendored thing.


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  1. Back in my real life–when I’m not off on a lark of a sabbatical year in Turkey–I teach college writing. If only, IF ONLY I could get my students to write even one paragraph in a semester of the quality that you’re tossing off here at this lovely blog…ah, I’d be one happy instructor. I adore how clearly you love language and marrying it to incisive thinking. Truth is, while I enjoy reading your tips on music and all, I’m pretty sure I’d be glad to read something you’d written about dog food left out in the rain.

  2. I’m falling in love with this song and artist! Thanks for writing about Patrick Wolf. I’ve been in an 80s phase for quite some bit, and this is good stuff here. Great post!

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