Love It When You Let Go

I’m a sucker for  fist-pumping, feel-good, we-are-all-going-to-hell-in-a-handbasket-but-devil-may-care pop anthems. Starship excelled at those in the 80s, churning them out for Brat Pack flicks and monster air-play hits. It may have been raining, every day may have felt like  Groundhog Day Monday, but by God, if  your  city was built on rock’n’roll you were invincible and walking on air. The Hoosiers are the cheeky chappies of British oddpop (their term, not mine) who unabashedly borrow from the 80s winner-vibe. Two albums and some record company drama later, these sonic Marx Brothers are stepping out on their own and taking a road trip through the desert with a ‘Bumpy Ride’, a Hangover type caper complete with Vegas Elvises, Rosewell aliens and some uhm… bowling. Their comedy hi-jinks videos and ridiculously addictive pop hooks have always divided opinion between those who find Steve Irwin and Co. nauseatingly cheesy and those who worship at the altar of eighties influenced pop fizz. Well, I’m all about the snap, crackle and pop of the eighties and Bumpy Ride makes me wish I could jump into the Professor’s Delorean and take a ride back in time to a future that was so bright we had to wear shades.



6 thoughts on “Love It When You Let Go

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    1. I cant play it since I’m at work, but will definitely check it out since I love their first album! “the trick to life is, not to get to attached to it”…such a feel good tune 🙂

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