Cover Up Your Eyes

The Pierces new single is dreamy. Not only because they frolic through the fields in hippy trippy fashion in the video for “You’ll Be Mine”, but because their harmonies are so rich and luscious its like taking a swim in whipped cream or dipping yourself in hot chocolate. The Alabama sisters decided to bow out of the game after nine years of only marginal success. Enter kismet in the form of  Guy Berryman (better known as the bass player from Coldplay) who convinced the sisters to give it another go  by offering to produce their new album. Out with the old, in with the new.  The girls decamped to London, signed with Polydor  and were  hauled up  in Coldplay’s Camden studio for months with Berryman and  Grammy winning  producer Rik Simpson at the helm.  And voila!, the result is career resurrecting vintage guitar pop propelling them  from the dusty backshelves of record label archives to the forefront of hotly tipped new bands. The Pierces could be Stevie Nicks’ two hot younger sisters with songwriting skills just as ethereal and mystical as that of the pixie queen of the 70s. Gloriously atmospheric stuff. 


6 thoughts on “Cover Up Your Eyes

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  1. Awesome description! I think if the world could just stop rotating and everyone could chill anywhere they want the atmosphere in The Pierces new video would be the place to go.

  2. I actually accidentally saw the Pierces live in London recently at a Lissie concert. Interesting duo, definitely! I only recognized their pretty little liars hit, but other than that they were pretty good although not the genre I usually listen to. Thanks for posting!

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