Million Miles Away

Besides looking like the youngest Gallagher brother or Paul McCartney’s long-lost son, Miles Kane has fronted such cool sounding bands as The Rascals and The Last Shadow Puppets, the latter in which he teamed up with Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner. I’m not that familiar with either band (even though for a while in 2008 NME (magazine) was constantly telling me I should really, really, really dig the Last Shadow Puppets) but I seem to remember there were a lot of guitars and floppy indie band hairdos involved. The early reaction to Miles’s solo stuff has been mixed, the shadow of his more famous BFF from the Puppets is difficult to shake, but I like his straightforward indie swagger. I’d quite happily be crammed into some sweaty rock club hollering aah-aaah-aaah to his whoo-oo-whoo-oo whilst trying to detach my heels from the sticky beer sodden floor and dodging the half-hearted moshpit moves of the guy to my right. His solo sound is gutsier and sleazier than the 60s retro rock of The Last Shadow Puppets, the whole vibe is more killer guitar solos, sexy groupies  and nights of rock’n’roll debauchery. Rock on my brother, rock on!

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