Living For The Weekend

Look at Cee-Lo in the back of that limo in Bright Lights Bigger City. Now there’s a playa. Behind those shades and the teddy bear physique is a smiling chart assassin making some deft check mate moves to take over the world, or at least your radio. He bops to the beat of Billie Jean knowing the plan is working, 2011 is his year and Bright Lights is another solid brick in the house that Fuck You built. It is a big, bold and brash weekend anthem that hits my ipod dock about the same time the first sip of firewater uncorks the weekend and I’ve got 48 hours until its austerity Britain and Monday morning again. On a more sober note, if you have not heard nor seen the video for the freaky styley “Bodies” click the link, it is downright sinister. From a whisper to a chorus of murderous confessions it is a nightmare of a song that takes the figurative Lady Killer to a literal one. Exceptionally creepy but brilliant all the same.

Double click to view video


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