The Way Sunlight Catches Your Hair

Gruff Rhys’s first solo single in four years slithers and slides like a starlet’s silky evening gown on a moonlit night on the Cote D’Azur. It continues the Super Furry Animals soft and  fuzzy psychedelic sound, only this time Rhys has dragged it through the chic and languid Riviera in the 60s. We’ve got Cyrcle (1960s pop group) on a loop and Gruff’s soothing vocals are so warm I want to wear them as a blanket against the cutting February chill. If the Beach Boys had made a French concept album, this is probably how it would’ve sounded.  Couple of years ago Rhys travelled to Argentina in search of a long-lost relative (the 1970s  Argentinian Welsh pop singer  Renee Griffiths) and the search was made into a quirky and heartfelt documentary called Separado. Some of that latin heat must’ve come back to Wales in Rhys’s back pocket as Shark Ridden Waters is seriously seductive without losing any of its off beat Welsh whimsy. It bakes in feel good vibes like a lizard basking in the mid-day heat, all stretched out and chillaxed, confident in its own rare charm. I don’t care if there are sharks in this water, I’m going in.



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