I Need A Drink And A Quick Decision

The jazzy feel of The Bird and The Bee just begs to be played during cocktail hour, in the dusky twilight of a fast disappearing Saturday. Preferably someplace twinkly and glamorous that’ll gently lull you into the day of the night before. “She’s Gone” from The BB’s Hall and Oates tribute album (“Interpreting the Masters Vol. 1”) finds me either smiling wistfully or dropping heavy nostalgia teardrops into the champagne, depending on when the song hits me; at the beginning or end of the evening. The original appeared on one of Hall and Oates’s earlier albums “Abandoned Lunchonette” in 1973. Can someone please tell me if it really was always sunny in the 70s? Or have the passing decades conveniently erased everything but eternal summers and Italian beach holidays from my memories? Inara George’s soft and sexy vocals are intoxicating on this note perfect reconstruction of the disco decade’s version of blue-eyed soul. When we get to the second verse and she coos “my face ain’t getting any younger” the words circle my ribcage and hit a bullseye right where it hurts the most, in the middle of my heart. The album is full of mellow MOR gems. “Kiss On My List” is straight from a 70s roller rink party and “I Can’t Go For That” is a pure synth disco sparkler. Can’t wait for Interpreting the Masters Vol.2.


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