Light In My Hands

I often hear Clare Maguire being compared to Kate Bush. I don’t get that comparison at all. Other than the obvious theatricality and both of them being tiny things with big voices, I don’t hear it. Cher maybe,  Amy Lee (Evanescence) perhaps, Bonnie Tyler definitely but Kate- never. (Kate Bush’s “Hounds of Love” is a  masterpiece in my opinion, thus she is holy and not to be compared to anyone). Regardless of the obligatory tiresome comparisons a new artist has to endure, it’s good to be Clare nowadays. Before “Light After Dark”  album was even a glint in her eye, she had been lauded as the “next big thing” (and has a Q award to prove it), been through the mandatory LA songwriting circuit, had been toasted by Jay-Z and signed for Universal Music for an eyewatering sum, or “good coin” as my ice-hockey player friend puts it. The follow up to the goth rocking “Ain’t Nobody (yeah, I went there, even though in interviews she insists on not being goth) is a divaliscous and genuinly touching tribute to the gone too soon Michael Jackson. Written in the days after Michael died, she put in music what a lot of us felt that day. We weren’t ready to lose him and we go forth with his love in our hearts.


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  1. Wow, this totally sums up my exact feeling about the Clare/Kate fiasco. There is no way the two can be compared! Kate Bush is unique in every way, there isn’t a single artist, genre or anything that can be compared to her.
    Also, agree with your point that Clare Maguire is theatrical and has this beautiful voice – but in no way does she push the boundaries like Kate Bush did. Kate’s song are in a league of their own!
    Great post, love your style!

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