Stay With The Music

This is my Duran Duran story: In the early part of the past decade I was living in Los Angeles. On an ordinary Tuesday evening I was making my way home from work and stopped at my local Ralph’s supermarket at Beverly Connection. I loaded up my salad, grilled chicken and a bottle of red and made my way to the parking lot. Beverly Connection at the time had The Warehouse (music store) on the corner of 3rd and La Cienega, and on the small parking lot in front of the store, Duran Duran were playing to a rag-tag audience of about 30 looky loos. The traffic whizzed by, most people did not stop for long, some guys were jokingly singing Hungry Like The Wolf.  I remember stopping dead on my tracks, stunned, and thinking; at one time, I thought you were gods. In 1985 whilst leafing through my Smash Hits magazines I certainly did not imagine this is how our paths would cross, on a near empty parking lot of an ordinary Tuesday. Duran’s greatest achievement may not be the superstar days of the 80s, but the fact they are still here. Mark Ronson is living out his own childhood dreams by producing their 13th (!) studio album. What he has done brilliantly, is he has put the Duran back into Duran Duran. I swear I can hear a girl named Rio on the chorus of “All You Need Is Now”. It may have been nearly 30 years in the making, but this just might be the follow-up to the New Wave they were riding on all those years ago.


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  1. I just did a post a few days ago on Gen X vs Gen Y labels where I mentioned in passing that the first Duran Duran single I ever owned was “Come Undone”… they continued to make good music even as they moved toward the adult mainstream.

  2. Hey! Wow! Duran Duran playing in a parking lot? That is crazy–but you’re right, not as crazy as the simple fact that they’re still together.

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