Treasured Gold

Adele is 22 years old, yet she seems to inhabit the past. It’s not her image nor  her music in particular, but her voice which places her firmly somewhere in the late 60s, in the cigarette smoke and liquid eyelined era of the beehive. That voice breaks and wails through “Rolling In The Deep” like a war cry for the broken-hearted. During her US tour Adele used to stay up deep into the night with the bus driver who played her Nashville’s finest. They chain smoked as the South glided past the  bus windows and Rascal Flatts sang about clouds dancing around the sunshine. “Rollin'” is as rootsy and gutsy as “Chasing Pavements” was tragically beautiful, and the quitar stomping beginning announces we are a long way from London now. She aptly describes it as dark bluesy gospel disco. Rarely has heartbreak sounded this powerful, or forlorn.


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  1. I LOVE this song! Every year I make my mom and sister a phenomenal women mix of all female singer/songwriters. No, it’s not a man-hating mix. It’s powerful songs sung by women, and “Rolling in the Deep” is by far my favorite. Amazing sound! Thanks for the footage, I hadn’t seen that bit yet.

  2. Adele is my musical soulmate. I just downloaded this song a couple of weeks ago, and I can’t get enough. Great post!

  3. Well I’m going to be controversial here (which a good thing, right?) and say that although this is a great song, Adele seems to be another duplicate of the Amy Winehouse/Duffy scene that seems to be going on. Don’t get me wrong – she has a beautiful voice, and her songs are interesting. But realistically, I feel like it’s all been done before and this is just as good as the rest.
    On the plus side, I love your posts! Even if I don’t agree, you have such a classy style and a real conviction in what you say. You almost made me an Adele convert 🙂

    1. I do hear what you are saying. After Amy, almost every single female singer gets compared to her. Almost to the point, where I wish Amy would hurry up and come back, so we would have the real deal to listen to. Duffy, Adele, Clare Maguire etc- when you read about them- it all starts with “Amy Winehouse better watch out…”….lol.

  4. I forget who I thought Adele was when I first heard this one on cbc radio 2, but it definitely sounded vintage. You said all that needed to be said in the intro, but wow, it just hits hard with soul in that voice, and throbs with pain like the earliest blues prototypes must have.
    This blog is on a good vibe.

  5. I seriously cannot wait to see her live as well, she’s got quite a bubbly personality so that should make the gig interesting, I think she’s playing in the fall, here in London. 🙂

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