In Tempest, Storm And Wind

 Annie is a warrior spirit. This Christmas classic is delivered with such fiery conviction it almost sounds stately. Like the Queen addressing the nation on Christmas Day. Except our Annie gets more gravitas out of these lyrics than ol’ Liz has ever done in any of her pre-recorded festive tidings. The beginning sounds like a fervent prayer to ward off the devil. The medieval drums announce the arrival of the evangelist Annie, spreading her message of salvation, every drum beat reverberating the faith throughout the land. She is a national treasure, our Annie. Eurythmics may have made her, but her 20 year solo career is what has defined her. And the unyielding spirit that bows to no false god and takes its own path through this business we call show. A relentless defender of human rights, fighter of AIDS and protector of children her continuous efforts rival the dedication of that other saint saviour, Bono. One of my first ever concerts was Eurythmics in October 1986. Annie dressed head to toe in black leather, the synth conqueror declaring sweet dreams are made of this. 24 years later, they still are.


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