Hip Bone

Are you as tired of the surly pop barbies with their barely there  skirts, pouting through 3 minutes of generic teflon pop, as I am? I call it teflon because the music is usually so universally bland, it goes in one ear, out the other and does not stick to anything, least of all the artist. You could place any stick figure teetering on 6 inch heels in front of a microphone and produce it up to the hilt, and yeah, it would probably sell. I don’t know about you, but what I keep missing is some original spark, some edge on the charts, something I can feel. Anita Blay, (aka The Cocknbullkid) was born to Ghanaian parents and hails from Hackney in East London. Most record companies told her she was too fat to be a pop star. How pathetic is that? Idiotic comments aside, she was touted as the one to watch a few years ago with her darkly brooding electro gems reminiscent of Human League and the like. Then… silence. Cue 2010 and Anita is back as Cocknbullkid ( “The” has been deleted) with songs just as edgy but more current with some genuinely sublime pop melodies. “One Eye Closed” is a Batmanesque (OK, that may not be a word, but listen to the opening riff… doesn’t it want to make you holler “Batman!?”) first release from “Adulthood” with a deliciously dark and seductive undertone. Is she the frustrated person under the one-eyed monster suit or isn’t she? Blay worked on the track with Joe Cross (of Performance), who incidentally also worked with my other current obsession Hurts.  If there’s any pop justice in this world… Cocknbullkid will go colossal in 2011.


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