Scaling Love's Great Heights

 If you tantalize me with a tale of a band who bonded over their love and respect for ABBA, I’m just going to have to down tools and take a listen.  ABBA and my childhood are so synonymous,  it is difficult to fathom one without the other. Other people may measure time passing by in birthdays and summer holidays, I measured the 70s in ABBA albums. But enough about me and more about this three headed pop beast from California who are recreating the glory days with a bass player named TORG (suitably Swedish), a singer with a voice of a latter-day Agnetha and song writing prowess to rival the masters (that’s Andersson and Ulvaeus to you). Ok, perhaps not rival, but it is enticing to flirt with an idea that if ABBA would’ve survived (as a band, the music certainly has!) past the early 80s, this is how they might’ve sounded. Music Go Music have set out to emulate (not imitate) ABBA and make no bones about it. ABBA produced a sound that was in technicolour. Lush, multilayered and reverberating with joy. Music’s “Light of Love” certainly has the elements. The whoo, whoo, whoos… the rollicking piano and the beat lifted from “So Long” (“ABBA” 1975). Seems they deconstructed every major ABBA song, then  put it all back together in slightly a skewed order.The end result manages to sound fresh and cool. And there’s a whole album of these goodies, nostalgia tinged feel good grooves loaning from 70s disco sultan Georgio Moroder and even the wholesome sound accents of The Carpenters. The choruses soar in these tracks. Music Go Music are my kinda band.


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