I'm No Angel Either

The title of Lauren Pritchard’s first offering “Wasted In Jackson” does not refer to the happy hour kind, but rather to the small town variety (she grew up in Jackson, Tennessee) where you feel the entire world has been invited to the party, but you are stuck behind a county line, looking on as life passes you by. At 16 Lauren packed up her bags and moved to LA. At 21 I packed my bags and moved to LA. Within a few days Lauren was playing keyboards in a reggae band. Riley Keough (daughter of Lisa Marie Presley) became her best friend. I knew their personal chef. (Seriously. How about that six degrees of separation?) After a stint in an off-Broadway musical Lauren ended up in West London. After  10 years of chasing pavements in LA, I ended up in West London. So, I feel I know a thing or two about being wasted. Lauren’s voice has an edge. Her songwriting is honest. She does not paint cookie-cutter images of happy endings. She seems to realise (scarily so, for her 22 years) that life in all it’s glory, is more grey area than the girl you thought you were, could have ever imagined. There are some big guns on this debut, Eg White (prolific British hitmaker), Marcus Mumford (of Mumford & Sons), and she has been compared to the renowned singer/songwriter Carole King. The album has country tinted soulful songs, a whimsy of a song in “Not The Drinking” and the eloquent “Stuck” (check out the reggae and 70s (!) infused JR Blender remix.)   The album closes with “When The Night Kills The Day”, a deep belter of a tune with such poignant gravitas it catches the heart. Big emotion. Big voice. Big future.


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  1. Lauren Pritchard is amazing! We saw her at the Scala a couple of months ago, she was the opening act (and Liam Bailey was another) for Rox, and we were hooked. We felt so privileged to be among about 35 people seeing this fabulous talent unfold. She’s one to watch for sure – love her soulful music. Amazing you have so many parallels with her! Thanks for this.

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