We'll Be Young Forever

The future Mr and Mrs Brand are on their way to Rampbagh Palace in Jaiphur India where they will finally tie the knot after one of the longest celebrity engagements in history (or maybe just one of the most publicised), but personally I have always found Miss Perry to be a bit too plastic fantastic to my taste and a wee bit….well, shrill. But apparently her sales exceed 16 million so that’s a whole lotta girls kissing girls, even though it did nothing for me except put me off Cherry Chapstick for life. (Nothing wrong with kissing girls I hasten to add!) The ramming of California Gurls down our throats from the sophomore album Teenage Dream as the biggest single of summer 2010 even before it was properly released, made me want to hurl at its calculated cutesy innuendo (once I had indeed heard it), but being the open-minded music blogger that I am, I did stop and take notice of the second single, the album title track Teenage Dream. I happen to think it’s a bloody brilliant piece of pop nostalgia. It sounds wistfully romantic, harking back to those carefree salad days of college and all night beach parties. Besides the sight of the partially disrobed actor Josh Kloss in the video is enough to get any courgar juices flowing. It’s a delightfully simple love song with another Max Martin pop fabulous chorus, devoid of the Perry double entendres that seem to pepper most of her material. The track was reportedly written for Katy’s intended, so maybe love has softened this pastor’s daughter from California, even if it found her in the improbable ex-junkie/sex-addict, rock star impersonating wild renaissance man from Essex in the home counties of England.


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  1. “But apparently her sales exceed 16 million so that’s a whole lotta girls kissing girls, even though it did nothing for me except put me off Cherry Chapstick for life.”
    I’m glad to know that some actually think Katy Perry’s voice at times is shrill! But I love Teenage dream. Josh Kloss isn’t the only reason. Its a perfect description of “puppy love”, walk on beaches etc etc.
    Nice post!

  2. not a big katie perry fan myself. Actually, I’m still wondering why so many people love her music, but she’s selling for a reason. I consider myself a music lover as well so maybe I should try and give her a shot just so I an understand why she’s such a hit. I did enjoy this post by the way…

  3. The sad thing about Katy is that she was actually originally quite rock. I mean, she’s got the voice for it and I don’t know if you’ve heard certain tracks on her first record but she’s also got a snarky sense of humor. The Katy I like is “You’re so Gay” Katy and breathy/rough Katy. All the rest is just shimmy and sham to sell records, it’s kind of sad…

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