Scheme Of Things

By 1976 David Bowie had achieved super stardom in America and was so high on cocaine he has no recollection of the recording process for “Station To Station”, his tenth studio album. The album was a vehicle for his last great invention The Thin White Duke and steered his music more in the direction of funk and Kraftwerk-esque mechanical sound. The Thin White Duke was a hollow romantic who sang powerful love songs whilst feeling nothing and dressed in impeccable cabaret clothing. By the mid 1970s sunny LA had become a very dark place for Bowie indeed.  He was existing on milk, peppers and cocaine. He was consumed by paranoid hallucinations.  Bodies floated by his windows, The Rolling Stones “sent him messages”  and he lived in absolute (drug induced) terror of Jimmy Page. As comical as that sounds, Bowie has described it as the darkest period of his life. Station to Station, which has just been re-issued by EMI in a deluxe box set, produced the top 10 single “Golden Years” (originally written for Elvis Presley who turned it down),  and includes the absolutely gorgeous “Word On a Wing” (video clip below) with it’s prayer like lyrics. Rare (for Bowie) cover of  Nina Simone’s “Wild is the Wind” closes the original album and has been lauded as one of his most accomplished vocals ever. I’m ashamed to admit I  needed reminding how amazing David Bowie really is. This is my must have re-issue of the year. Absolute musical bliss.


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  1. He served us up another reminder of how good he can be with 2002’s Heathen. Listen to his ode to 9/11 “Sunday”, one of the most poignant and heartfelt songs he has written in years. No “The towers are burning” lyrics here. He remains in his own class. Beautifully written post by the way!

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