The blog universe has been buzzing to the sound of Duck Sauce for quite a while now and Youtube is rife with unofficial mixes of ‘Barbra Streisand’, but it’s finally coming y’all, good old Babs is getting an official release! (Oct 11 UK, Oct 12 North America). Duck Sauce are two of the Big Apple’s finest party starters (DJs  Armand Van Helden and A-Trak) who have teamed up together to knock up some good vibes to the vintage disco beat. The duo premiered the divaliscious floor filler at the Miami Music Conference and it’s been exploding in the clubland all this summer. What you’ve got is a basic instrumental track with an insanely catchy hook and random exclamations of “Barbra Streisand!” at erratic intervals. So simple and random its genius. Why the original Funny Girl has the honour of being the inspiration for the dance track of the year, I have no idea, and by the time the first round of “ooh..ooh..oooh” gets into full swing, I no longer care either. I’m too busy throwing shapes and belting out “BARBRA STREISAND!” to ponder such trivialities. This track is  Friday injected straight into the blood stream. The video is chock-a with cameos from the likes of Chromeo, Pharrell, Vampire Weekend et al. Is this amazing, or is this amazing?


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