Such A Simple Thing

Surf music emerged in the early sixties from the depths of Orange County. Born out the remnants of rockabilly and 50s rock, it was soon adopted by surfer dudes who were catching the waves with their big guns all along the California coast. It came to represent carefree teenagers, beach parties and bonfires, pretty boys and girls hanging ten, stoked on life and the waves in the eternal California summer. A whole cultural movement developed, music being a vital part of the experience. The Beach Boys were surf music’s most famous sons, spreading sunshine, happiness and lush harmonies around the world. Their reign as the sunshine kings culminated  in the sonic genius of Pet Sounds in 1966. There are quite a few of these bands now, Best Coast, The Like, Sunbirds and even Ariel Pink, garage pop bands who evoke the sounds of the lost summers of the sixties and re-create lo-fi harmonies of Redondo Beach surf parties of long, long time ago. Unsurprisingly most of these bands hail from Los Angeles, but I have recently discovered 1973, a trio from Versailles in France, who despite their name are drenched in 1960s California sounds. Perplexing as it may be to have the perfect beach band emerge from the French Republic,” Bye Bye Cellphone” is smooth and delicious like a melting ice-cream cone on a blazing August afternoon. A nostalgic love song to a lost cell phone, (I know, but honestly, could you imagine your life without yours?) this is drop dead gorgeous.


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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by 36×37 on Thursday. I’m so glad you did because it brought me here. I’m always looking for a good music blog. Fabulous, fabulous stuff here. You can consider me a new subscriber!

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