You Only Need Songs When You're Young

 Why is this the last time? Who was standing at the station and what was in that letter? The ethereal fifth studio album from Montreal’s finest indie pop outfit Stars catch shadows of memories in a fleeting breath of the past. Where do they all go when they leave us? Some say you can hear them as static on the radio dial, others say they come back to us in our dreams. Some people swear they never left us at all. 
It’s not obvious to write an endearing electro pop album about the afterlife, (the best description I heard was “breezy bereavement”) but “Five Ghosts” is like a  glittering nighttime sky that lulls you into a nostalgic bubble about the past and things that may have happened, or did you only dream that they were there? The album reminds me of Kate Bush’s “Hounds of Love”, which also tells haunted tales of things moving under ice and other such things that creep into our dreams.  There is more menace in Kate’s songs though, these glide quite prettily on the surface of foreboding.  The doleful “Last Song Ever Written” does not close the album, but sits at the tail end of it, perhaps as a message about something much more definite ending, like a childhood that invariably will fade out of reach, or even a summer that will never return as lingering and sweltering again.


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