21st Century Schizoid Man

Even before Kanye crowned himself the King of the Assholes and had to be banished to the nether regions of celebritiville (Hawaii where he has been recording his new album) he never appeared a humble man. And why should he have done? Successful beyond the expectation of any mere mortal he has stretched the boundaries and definition of hip hop as a producer, artist and a sample wizard. The whole Taylor Swift debacle was so blown out of proportion it grew comical dimensions. In reverse it could be deemed flattering to West. Who knew his drunken outburst would hold so much weight the world stopped spinning and the centre of gravity shifted to a hip hop producer from Atlanta, Georgia? Unlucky for Kanye he decided to get blotto and voice his unpopular opinion in America where awards and stick figures with guitars hold much more weight than in Europe. Had something similar happened at the EMAs, it would have been an amusing footnote to a gratuitous evening but quickly forgotten in the general melee and misbehaviour of a typical rock star night out on the old continent. Kanye’s first post apocalypse release, “Power”, brilliantly samples the 1960s prog rock classic “21st Century Schizoid Man”. It’s hypnotizing, curiously looming and thoroughly self-absorbing. The original version by King Crimson was a commentary on the madness of the Vietnam war, whereas Kanye’s version is a true reflection of the cult of celebrity in our time. “No man should have all that power” he states. Or more significantly for today, maybe no man should be given that power.


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  1. Kanye has great talent, i must say. But it’s hard to admire him wholeheartedly because of his douchebag-gy attitude.

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