Here In Our Gilded Cage

As far as rock star crushes go, you could do much worse than Brandon Boyd. He started life as a frontman for Incubus before evolving into a sort of bon vivant renaissance man who lives in an old house in Los Angeles with a french dog and a whole bunch of ghostly good time girls (his house was reputably a brothel in the early 1900s) creating art (with paints)  in his kitchen in the light of day and singing in a rock band when darkness falls. He has published books of sketches, prints and photos with names like White Fluffy Clouds and From The Murks of The Sultry Abyss that depict his state of mind as a continual state of creativity. When he needs to relax he shares waves with the members of the Surfrider Foundation, protecting what he loves the most; the waves, the beach and the ocean. Inevitably sexy frontmen step out on their own. Boyd supersedes fellow rockers Brandon Flowers of The Killers and Jonsi of Sigur Ros by releasing his first solo endeavor “The Wild Trapeze”. It’s a very introspective album. There are no cheap shots here, no cut corners to make a fast buck riding on Incubus coattails. The songs feel intricate and delicate, small even. In an open letter Boyd writes: … I do believe that every person in every corner of the world asks themselves at some point on their ride, ‘Who am I…today? 
I am spellbound.


3 thoughts on “Here In Our Gilded Cage

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  1. There is no denying that brandon Boyd is sexy, but you’re right in that he’s talented far beyond his vocal abilities. I had no idea he’d stepped out on his own. Can’t wait to see what he’s got in store…

  2. His voice really takes me back to many places – 6th form, days spent trekking about the Chinese countryside during my gap year and also to my dorm room in my first year of uni. I stopped listening to incubus a long time ago. Why? I lived with someone who played morning view and a crow left of a murder on repeat for an entire year, at peak volume and he sang along too. It soiled my memories and I found my appreciation of them dulled.

    But hey, hmm, I like this. Maybe my wounds have healed. I’ve been so out of touch. I had no idea he’d recorded a solo album.

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