There May Be People You Know There

Have you ever been on your last dime where it’s burning a hole in your pocket as that’s all that it’s good for? Maybe you’ve gambled your chances and bought a scratch off only to come up on empty, or maybe you’ve taken the sure deal and found youreself sitting in some darkened dive, slotting that last dime into the jukebox and counting on the kindness of strangers to lull you into another fuzzy afternoon. Or maybe it’s the world that’s kicking your behind, coming at you in all sharp corners and jagged edges, coming at you at a 100 miles per hour and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. So you take refuge in some small watering hole that blocks out the shrieking sun and it’s just you and the guy at the bar whilst the first sip of whisky stops the buzzing in your head and spreads a warm softness that creeps up from your thighs all the way to your heavy heart and opens a window to allow some breathing space, even if only for a little while. If that has ever been you, then I have a song for you. I Am Kloot are an indie band from Manchester who write warm and spiky songs about drinking, romance and disaster. So, ease off my friend, be comforted by the wisdom that hope is the last thing you can lose and let the Kloot take you To The Brink. You can thank me later.

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7 thoughts on “There May Be People You Know There

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  1. Great song and a really evocative video. The band hasn’t gotten any airplay in the States, at least as far as I’m aware, so I’m really glad you posted!

  2. I really like I Am Kloot. Check out their BBC recordings, if you haven’t already. Also–where did you find that video? It looks as though someone just pieced together shots of Christopher Eccleston drinking his life away!

    1. Found it on youtube, below the video is a direct link to the youtube page where I found it. Thought it was very apt for the song subject and quite cleverly edited together. Eccleston also features in their “Proof” (official) video.

  3. never heard of these guys either. the lead fellow in the video reminds me of christopher eccleston. and i’m hung up on the fact that girl in the bar looks like elizabeth moss from mad men.

    oh wait. i just looked it up. it is them. i’m good. 🙂

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