Tongue Like Electric, Eyes Like A Child

If you thought One Night Only look like impossibly handsome Burberry models on the prowl in New York City, you would be right. George Craig, the  lead singer of these rakish Brit Pop lads from a small market town in North Yorkshire, is currently gracing 25ft Burberry billboards near you, and is said to be Mario Testino’s new favorite model to work with. And I’m going to deal with the elephant in the room (video) right from the beginning, yes that is Harry Potter’s Hermione, yes, she has grown up and yes, she is dating George Craig. To be fair, One Night Only were a band first, before Christopher Bailey plucked George to represent Cool Britannia, but it cannot hurt to have your face plastered in Vogue around the globe and have a girlfriend who is  leading the most successful movie franchise in history, now can it?  The band, who formed in 2003, started as a punkish cover band before the word spread about these 5 young lads with their guitars and mod mops, and soon record execs were burning the midnight oil trying to sign up the boys from Helmsely. They released “Started A Fire” in 2007  (through Mercury) which performed moderately on the charts but laid the groundwork for the upcoming self-titled One Night Only. “Say You Don’t Want It” leads the new album. It catches the excitement of what it must feel like, standing just outside the eye of the hurricane, when you’re young and beautiful and the world is about to become your oyster. It’s an infectious and debonair album opener and the video does what it’s meant to do. If you’ve never heard of One Night Only, you will now. Such is the power of wizards.


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  1. I actually really like this song even though I wasn’t inpressed with their debut album…. Is Emma Watson involved with the band or was she just drafted in as a famous witch? Hmmm….
    P.S. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog 🙂

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