All This Beauty Is Skin Deep

This (apparently) is how you write a hit song (all burgeoning songwriters take note!). It should be mid-up-tempo with a 13-20 second intro, some 4 minutes in total length with a verse that tells a story the listener can relate to, and a chorus containing a hook which is easy to hum along to again and again (this advice from Amy Macdonald is bang on the money here with “This Pretty Face”.  The intro  is exactly 20 seconds and at mid tempo the total song length is 4 minutes and 4 seconds. The verse is about the vanity of tabloid fame and the endearingly infectious and bouncy chorus will stick with you longer you ever thought possible (even if you only go “…down, down”… in your head for days). Truth be told, the same formula can probably be applied to 99% of all the songs played on the radio, evident in various playlists and high rotation tracks. This begs the eternal question,  which came first? The chicken or the egg? Have songwriters become formulaic in romancing radio programmers or do we, the listening audience, demand such familiarity from our drive-time soundtracks on the way to the salt mines and back again? I have always had great difficulty differentiating between  KateAmyAdeleMarinaDaisyCoco or any young such  ingenue du jour with long shaggy hair and impossibly pale and perfect skin, but Amy here at least stands out because in my head she sounds like the Scottish Shakira. And because this song is currently on a permanent loop in my brain whether I like it or not.  (I do).   All radio programmers press high rotation now.


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