I Don't Have To Leave Anymore

The XX are hitting the summer festival circuit. Hard. The three indie-poppers from London, England are being ushered in and out of US festivals by organisers for fear of one of them grabbing a drink along the way. Only Oliver Sim in the band has just turned 21. Europe is the promised land of the summer music festival and the band will criss cross festivals from Norway to France, playing their melancholy, brilliantly stripped down pop laments to party goers across the continent. The band formed in Elliot School in Putney (a respectable upper-middle class supurb of London) in 2005. The threesome (the band started as a four piece  but keyboardist Baria Querchi left the band in late 2009 due to “artistic differences”) signed on to Young Turks Records and their debut album simply entitled XX has been a huge critical success. Quickly the US also took note and the upbeat (by XX standards) “Islands” was featured in an episode of Gray’s Anatomy. And interestingly also covered by Shakira. Subsequently the eerie and intense “Crystallised” was featured on Gossip Girl and the big instrumental build up of “Intro” on an AT&T commerical. The XX owe a lot to dubstep (a genre of electronic dance music born out of South London in the early 2000’s) but it really is their stillness that draws you in.  They dress all in black, stand almost motionlessly on stage and most times look like that’s the last place they’d ever want to be in. Their songs are achingly delicate and bordering on hushed, but the less they draw attention to themselves the more you want to listen. Madley Croft, who shares the volcals with Sim, says the band are “very keen…not to be…flash”.  No danger there. They are more like a quiet storm.

Shakira’s version of “Islands”
Shakira – Islands Snippet (The xx Cover) by shakiramusic


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