Let Me Be Near

BBC is axing Radio 6, their alternative music station.  They will concentrate on the popular music stations BBC Radios 1 and 2 instead. Budget cuts they say. But somehow the BBC budget has stretched to keep the classical station Radio 3 alive, even though it costs roughly twice as much and attracts half the listeners. Elitist anyone? Adding insult to injury, Radio 6 picked up 2 prestigious Gold Awards at the Sony Radio Academy Awards this year. There’s been a public outcry since the announcement as well as  demonstrations and petitions by all manner of celebrity and DJ to keep the station open. The hoopla surrounding the decision has seen listeners flocking to the station, increasing its audience by 50% in a few short months. Not everything in this world should be a brand or homogenized through the same same hit making factory that smooths out all the edges and leaves us with glossed out background music. To me the BBC has always represented quality and choice. Radio 6 has repeatedly given a voice and a platform to new and emerging artists. And to us listeners who do not want “all Rhianna all the time” on our radiowaves.  Personally I discovered Nina Nastasia through Radio 6, a brilliant singer songwriter from New York City, who has written one of the most beautiful songs of all time – Bird of Cuzco. It’ll be a real loss to music, and maybe even a bigger loss to us music fans, if Radio 6 will go.

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  1. I was going to say that radio doesn’t matter anymore, that we have Pandora and satellite radio and blogs and a lot of other ways to discover new music, but I thought about it a little more and decided that you’re right. Radio matters, and it should be better. I’m guessing you’re in the UK. Here in the States, a handful of corporations control most of the radio stations, and they all sound the same. I live in Nashville, Tennessee, and there are a couple of stations here where the DJ’s still pick the songs (I think). They don’t have the most listeners, but they’re absolutely indispensable.

    1. Yes, I do hear your point re: the internet, and I have to say I discover a lot of music through websites and links etc. But a lot of the time it is actually radio that points me towards searching more information regarding the artist etc. And especially in the case of more “alternative” artists and the ones not played on the mainstream radio- alternative music channels provide an opportunity for additional income in the form of royalties…

  2. Radio 6 is great and it’s a shame it’s being cut; Radio 3 cannot compete with classic FM and should have made way!

    Respect and Peace!

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