Quizá Para Mañana Sea Tarde

 Marc Anthony. 10 million albums. 5 Grammies. The first ever solo salsa artist to sell out Madison Square Gardens. The best-selling tropical salsa artist of all time. He is also Mr J-Lo but I will leave that to the gossip bloggers to have fun with. And I have a bone to pick with the critics who panned his portrayal of salsa legend Hector Lavoe in “El Cantante”. I don’t care what they say, I thought it was credible and heartfelt. His new album takes him away from the familiar stomping ground of salsa and leads him to the land of the Latin music icons whose romantic classics he covers in the aptly named “Iconos”. These are the songs and artists he grew up with. I regret to admit the names of José José or José Luis Perales mean nothing to me. I seem to have nothing in common with Marc Anthony (except coincidentally we share the same birthday), his Puerto Rican New York origins have nothing to do with my small town winters. But amazingly we both love these songs. If he had not recorded them, most likely I would not have ever heard them.  As I’m arriving to the party decades late, I am discovering something new and passionate in these songs whilst they speak of childhood memories to him. Isn’t music a miraculous thing?


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