Stilettos And Broken Bottles

There’s something  bad ass about Robyn. I get the feeling if you mess with her there’ll be more than broken bottles on the floor. She’s edgy and disconcertaingly menacing with those steely eyes and platinum mane. She’s also released a fantastic club anthem for all the lonely hearts to cry into their wine coolers to on a Friday night.  “Dancing On My Own” is from “Body Talk pt 1” (there’ll be Body Talk pt 2 and 3 in due course) call it an album or call it an EP but most of all, call it textbook Robyn. She has never followed the pop star etiquette and bored by the record label album release cycles, she wanted to break the pattern and is releasing 3 EPs in succession. The “pt1” kicks off with “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do”, a thumping list of things killing Robyn (drinking, emailing, smoking, (lack of) sleeping, diet…), “None of Dem” is a thundering rebel chant to being bored in a small town and “Fembot” is a quirky ode to robot feelings. Älska mig (love me) she pleads in mid song in her native Swedish. But the EP really centers on “Dancing On My Own”, a big sad pop song that’ll either make you dance or cry. Or in some cases,  you may just need to do both.


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