Keep Getting Funky On The Scene

Janelle Monae’s new album “The Archandroid” comes with it’s own trailer. She has been called a futuristic funktress and the album tells the story of a messianic android. Suitably barmy from someone who seems to be holding an entire space age city on her head on the album cover. Truth be told, I am having a hard time getting my head round this whole sci-fi thing, but I have no difficulty in grooving to “Tightrope” the first single of the album. It is surprisingly old-skool for an android, more 60s funk jazz than whatever it is that we will be rocking to in the future. Janelle is signed to P Diddy’s label, a signing Diddy says is the most important of his career. And I believe him. There aren’t that many (mainstream) artists nowadays pushing the boundaries, and here we have got an album full of coloring outside the lines. The musical genres spin effortlessly from track to track and when the album winds down at track 18, it all somewhow makes a beautiful cohesive whole. Janelle will take her android on the road later in 2010 but until then she says she will return to “Wondeland” the art community she has established in Atlanta. “It’s a state of mind, a place of thinking and a physical place,” she says. “Screen writers, graphic novelists, musicians, you name it – our goal is to help preserve art. Music is our weapon and we have a right to our imaginations.”


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