Fall In Love In Analog And Never Let Go

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. It also has money. It’s the 80s all over again. In the movies “Hot Tub Machine” transported you back, BBC brought  young Boy George back  and The 80s Rewind Festival – well, is there really any reason for Curitosity Killed The Cat to be back?  The 80s generation. We are all middle aged now. And therein lies my theory.  I remember in the early 80s dancing to “Stray Cats Strut” by The Stray Cats.  All of a sudden it was Teddy Boys everywhere. Bang on cue when the 50s generation had reached their middle age.  How much would you pay to re-live your youth? About £60 it seems as Spandau Ballet sold out 2 nights at the O2. And us middle-agers, we have the cash to splash. We buy the “it sounds like Xanadu” Goldfrapp album and wonder how Alison Goldfrapp can still pull of that whole leotard look with a cape. (Ok, she wears a cape in the “Alive” video. I don’t actually remember people wearing any capes well, ever. I do remember one caped crusader from my years in college who also claimed to be a vampire and attempted to jump off the balcony as he could also fly, but that was already the 90s.) Karate Kid, The A-Team and Gordon Gekko are all coming back to a movie theatre near you this year. Guess who’ll be buying the tickets? If Andrew Ridgeley would get up on stage with George Michael one more time, I would pay almost any money to be there. Somewhat unexplicably Blake Lewis, who was in diapers and short trousers most of the 80s, has released “Heartbreak on Vinyl” an indie dance track with a surprisingly authentic 80s feel. Me and the clubbers love it as it bounced to number one on the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay Chart.  The video has sweet clips from various movies, including  scenes from Pretty In Pink, the most iconic 80s movie to me. Two drinks in on a Saturday night,  OMD comes on the radio and I still get misty eyed. John Hughes, who passed away earlier this year, left behind volumes and volumes of writing, inlcuding the original ending to Pretty In Pink. The Way John Hughes meant it, it’s Duckie who ends up with Andie. That’s the ending I always hoped for.


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