Circo Del Sol

Before I start to wax lyrical about Andalucia and all things Spanish, here’s what you need to know: Los Serrano is the TV series that taught me the Spanish word for toilet brush and Fran Perea is the artist who introduced me to Spanish music.  (The toilet brush, in case you were wondering, was the disciplining tool of the well meaning but sometimes misguided father of the Serrano brood of which Fran Perea played the oldest son for the better part of five years.) The phenomenal success of the series in Spain launched a recording career for Fran. The theme tune became a massive hit and catapulted to the top of the charts. Two more albums followed, both successful, both more Marcos Serrano than Fran Perea. That all happened five years ago. Five years during which Fran wrote and recorded Viejos Conocidos and got his groove back. Its pop melodies, Spanish guitar and cuband rythmns. It’s like a flaming sun under dazzling blue skies. It’s a show of independence,  a reclamation of spirit, not conforming to the box you have been allocated. It’s like glistening fountains in the black velvet Andalucian nights. It’s courage in freedom and the comfort of music. And its 100% Fran Perea.


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