Me, The Kids And The Dog Is Gone

 I know nothing about no Sasha but this 50s desperate housewife on martinis is Fierce! The beat on this is ridiculous.  I have no idea why this was tagged on only to the platinum edition of the album.  It climbed to the top of the Billboard Hot Dance Chart out of nowhere, and that may have prompted the now actual release. Or maybe they had finally run out of songs and are milking that cash cow dry, who knows, but this little retro glam nugget co-penned by Beyonce’s sister Solange shows talent in that family runs deep.  And that video, sexed-up Ozzie and Harriet show is first class. I am so glad music video is coming back. Ever since MTV nearly killed it off by becoming RTV (honestly why don’t they just re-brand themselves as Reality Television) The New York magazine credit Youtube, Vimeo etc for the re-birth of the video. Over 1 billion people have typed in Lady Gaga in the Youtube search box, the kind of numbers old MTV stars could only dream about. It’s instant, worldwide and you can hit replay over and over and over again. Long gone are the days when you had to sit in front of your television suffering through numerous commercial breaks waiting for that new Duran Duran video to come on. This clip is helmed by Melina Matsoukas, an AFI and NYU graduate, who along with several other young and talented directors, is making the music video viable again.


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