Hot Like Mexico

The still un-released video for Gaga’s next single “Alejandro”, as reported by Lady Gaga herself,  is not a sequel to “Telephone”. All I can say is Amen. Whilst “Telephone” the song  is perfectly spectacular pop, the video in my opinion is mind-numbingly long and nothing but salacious sensationalism. Tellingly the buzz surrounding “Alejandro” is not the song, but what the video will be like, and that is so akin to Lady Gaga. She is after all a travelling spectacle, feigning to be somewhat bonkers, wearing the  most alien designs and looking oh so fabulous dahling while doing it. And don’t misunderstand me, she does it better than anyone else at the moment and I love her. But behind all that gauze and lace and crime scene tape are glorious pop songs that get trumped by the theatrics. If you’ve seen Lady Gaga at the piano, with nothing but a spotlight on a bare stage, performing “Speechless”, it is so pure, so deeply touching and simply genious. Do you need to be hanging from the ceiling or be dressed as a bat in KISS make-up, I don’t know. In “Alejandro” Gaga seems to be in the middle of some hot latin triangle (Alejandro, Roberto and Fernando) and the song draws divinely from  the type of blissful euro dance the old continent has been producing for years. Whilst listening to the track, I could not help but hear echoes of Ace of Base?   Am I wrong, little monsters?

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