Imagine If You Let Go

William Orbit was not brought in to make Katie Melua cool. Or that’s the official story and they’re sticking to it. But too many feathery songs about slow trains, sailboats and bicyles in Beijing must’ve been putting even her own record execs to sleep. Sure its all really pretty and she gazes at you dreamily with those big eyes and sells millions and millions of albums, but its just all so sanitary. You feel like shaking her, ruffling those Georgian curls and longing for her to grow some balls or at the very least ditch those earth tones and wear crazy lipstick or something. Orbit is something. Electronic musician and a producer (Madonna “Ray Of Light”) Orbit’s production on “The Flood”, the first single from Katie’s new album “The House” is seductive, Arabic-tinged, with almost menacing undertones. Mid-way the song changes to a an uptempo pulse with electronically saturated vocals, then moving onto a soaring crescendo before bringing it back down to those looming drums. And for the first time Katie Melua is interesting.


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