I Know Your Reputation

Even when I type this I’m ready to rise up on the barricades in defense of Hanson. “Snicker all you want” I am primed to hiss at the face of the Music Police, who it appears, are closing in on me, taking aim at my crimes against music blogging. Then it occurred to me that I may be the only one with unresolved “MMMbop” issues, and the rest of the world have, in all probability, moved on. So this is Hanson. And this made me want to get up and dance today.


3 thoughts on “I Know Your Reputation

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  1. you know … i feel guilty admitting it, although there is a healthy margin of time that has passed, but these guys never bothered me as a group. then i saw an acapella group cover MMMMMBop and it was ruined for me. but that probably says more about my dislike of acapella than Hanson. Smooth and Never There were also ruined in the same acapella concert.

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