There’s Something That I Want To Say

This song is for all the world travellers and to those who have decided this is exactly where I want to be. To those who have lost their way, and those who are slowly finding their way back and especially all those who wake up in the morning wondering how the hell did I end up here?

To all the kind souls who open their doors to those in need.
Wise ones who dont judge but understand.
Those counting the pennies and those who have got it made
and all those missing someone far, far away.

To all those who have gone after their dreams
and are now surviving the daily grind.
Shy ones in the background and the brave ones out front and everyone who’s figured out you are never gonna win’em all.
Weak ones, strong ones, and all those who crank up the radio because in the end it’s all about rock’n’roll to you and me.

Mary J. Blidge  is beautiful, talented and one class act. She inspires me.  
Who inspires you?


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