Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh…

Usher is back!!! Holla!!
Ok, that was my pathetic attempt at street cred. I am to street cred what Jimmy Osmond is to T-Pain but I have always loved Usher. He got swag. Who else can make hit songs of one syllable words?? (“Yeah!” (“Confessions” album, 2004) and the hook in “OMG” which is simply “oh”). A lot of people doubted (read: music press) Usher would be able to match the multi-million selling crossover hit “Confessions”, but even if the tracks released from his latest album “Reymond vs Raymond” have not been huge cross over successes (except for “OMG”, of course) it still debuted at number one slot on the Billboard top 200. Only two other albums have trumped Usher in sales this year; Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now and Sade’s Soldier of Love (on Billboard charts). “OMG” is produced and co-written by will.i.am, not a particular favorite of mine, but the man can write and produce a hit song. No doubt.


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