It's Been A Long Night In Baton Rouge

What is happening to me? First folk music (see post: “I Can See Widows And Orphans Through My Tears” March 20, 2010 ) and now John Mayer?  “Your Body Is A Wonderland” put me off John Mayer for life . Or so I thought.  
Before  my friend Annalene pointed me at the direction of “Battle Studies” he had been pure TMZ fodder to me and an occasional blip on the grammy radar. All those awards and women. Why?
Because his voice is reassuringly soft and he seems like the ever sensitive cad. Because he plays the  blues and writes the songs that make your heart skip a beat. Because when he sings it’s like you are the only girl in the room.  And because I have been typing JOHN MAYER into the YouTube search box way too many times. I think I may be in love. Who says you can’t change your mind?


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