We Have Lift Off

Is Alison Goldfrapp ripping off Madonna’s style or vice versa? That’s the “big controversy” in the British press (who are siding with Alison by the way calling Madonna Madge Oldefrapp) leading up to the release of Goldfrapp’s fifth studio album “Head First”. And one could easily compare Madge and Alison. Both are fashion trendsetters, both defy definition and loathe being pigeonholed for well, anything, but whereas Madge seems to have become the establishment in her uhm “advancing” years, Alison seems to firmly still stand outside it. The first single from “Head First” is “Rocket”. Unadulterated electro pop and like a marvelous 80s retro mashup of Van Halen’s “Jump” and Olivia Newton John’s “Physical”.


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