Love Can Move A Mountain

1968. Superbowl Champions were Green Bay Packers. Raquel Welch made men drool and Jim Morrison got drunk, climbed on stage, then screamed “THERE ARE NO RULES!!” and took off his pants. Best Picture winner at the Oscars was “Oliver!”, Roy Jacuzzi invented the… well, Jacuzzi and the week I was born The Rascals were at the top of the charts with “People Got To Be Free”. It’s a very happy clappy tune, one that wouldn’t be too out of place on the radio today. I’m glad I was born to a such an optimistic sound, all hope for a better tomorrow, even though 1968 was such a year of turmoil nobody knew which way it was all going to go there for a while. Maybe that’s why the the song is almost manic in its message of love, peace and hope. The Rascals were the blue-eyed soul rock band of the sixties. They topped the charts 3 times: Most famously with “Good Lovin” in 1966, with the smooth “Groovin” in 1967 and for the last time in 1968. The band was active until 1972 but “People Got To Be Free” marked the beginning of the end. In 1997 they were inducted into The Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Fame as the “Paragons of Blue Eyed Soul”. Enjoy. Apologies for the picture/sound quality but sorry kids, I’m old.

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