As The Warm Champagne Pours

Mr Hudson has been in my rearview mirror for quite some time. I have been catching glimpses of him in my peripheral vision, not quite registering, but taking note of the blond posh boy none the same. Then he started to pop up in every other video on rotation. N-Dubz featuring Mr Hudson. Jay-Z featuring Mr Hudson. Kanye West featuring Mr Hudson etc. That’s when I really took note. When I heard “Supernova” the dots connected… So that’s Mr Hudson.
Benjamin Hudson has had the luck Englishmen usually do not have. In 2007 he released “A Tale Of Two Cities”, which caught the attention of a few critics and not much else. A chance meeting on a virtual Schwabs counter with none other than Kanye West changed everything. He heard “The Tale Of Two Cities” on myspace, placed a call to Mr Hudson and before you could say protege, Mr Hudson was jogging in Hawaii with Kanye and Jay-Z, having a pair of Louis Vuitton trainers named after him and being nicknamed the “Sting of Bling”. Kanye has more than kicked in the door for Mr Hudson to step through as an artist in his own right. As Mr Hudson himself says: “I don’t only wanna be the Englishman that they borrow to sing on their songs.”


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