Where The Church Bells Ring And Strong Love Grows

The best definition of country music I ever heard is this: It’s three chords and the truth. 
Country has never caught on in Europe. Maybe it’s the  southern roots that alienate us old world Europeans, or maybe it’s the “God, family and apple pie” americana still associated with country that drives us away. But country has changed! It is no longer all rhinestone cowboys and old hillybillys with their “guitarrs” (insert your own southern accent there) singing about lost loves, jobs and dogs. It’s sexy Kenny Chesney with the sun, the sand and the sea on the Islands, it’s beauty queen Carrie Underwood with her casanovas and Brad Paisley parties on a Saturday night. Recently Lady Antebellum’s new album made a debut  on the Billboard top 200 chart at number 1. Not the country chart, but the official album chart. They will also team up with Tim McGraw and tour all over the US until mid-June. It’s like literally my dream team hitting the road!
So until I can actually join the Chesney Tailgate Troubadours or sing- a-long-live to Lady A, I’m going to have to be content with listening to noshoesradio.com and watching Tim McGraw concerts on DVD. Small consolation but I take what I can get.


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