It's A Wild Wild West

It’s a great image. Sultry Sade staring down from a billboard in the middle of Manhattan, and someone has taken a black marker pen and written THIS BITCH SINGS WHEN SHE WANTS TO right across it. Sade’s guitarist Stewart Matthewman spotted it in New York, took the photo and it was published in The Sunday Times. It’s a great image not only because it’s funny, but also because it seems so true! In an era where success seems to demand a constant stream of hits or at the very least attention grabbing headlines, Sade has released only 6 albums. In 25 years. Yet she has sold over 50 million albums and over half of those since the mid-90s, way after the hayday of “Diamond Life” (1984).  It’s been 10 years since her last album “Lover’s Rock” (2000) and I for one had forgotten about her completely. (“Really? Sade? She still sings?”) until I heard “Soldier of Love” her new single. It’s like a slow burn. Menacing with a seductive thumping beat. A harder edged Sade but with the same cool moody vibe she’s known for. It’s addictive. It’s powerful. I’m obsessed with this song.


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