When Evening Falls So Hard

This is what I remember about Elvis: I remember him dying. To me all he was at the time was a fat bloke in a white jumpsuit and ugly sideburns. Well, I was 9 years old at the time and I knew nothing about a King, only about a portly middle-aged man. But somehow my feelings regarding Elvis have never changed. I just have never liked him. This past weekend I saw “Elvis By The Presleys” documentary on BBC and there was one performance that may have changed everything. Elvis walks on stage in his infamous white jump suit and sings the first line of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and I had shivers down my spine. The song itself is one that has never been one of my favorites, it mostly just evokes memories of 1970s classrooms and dire music lessons with some bad piano playing and even worse singing, but this version is magical.


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